Tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth. At Kizer Dental Associates, our caring dentists strive to avoid the need for tooth extraction when possible. In certain cases, however, tooth extraction may be the best option for restoring your oral health and allowing your smile to heal. Dr. Kizer and Dr. Smith may recommend tooth extraction if your smile is affected by the following conditions:

  • Severe tooth decay or injury that has damaged a tooth so badly that it cannot be effectively restored with a dental crown, filling, or other type of restoration
  • Infection that has destroyed a large portion of the tooth or surrounding bone structure
  • Tooth overcrowding caused by too many teeth in the mouth that cannot be corrected through orthodontic treatment

Our friendly dental team will ensure that your tooth extraction in Germantown, Tennessee is as comfortable and pain-free as possible. Following the tooth extraction, we will provide you with detailed at-home care instructions to ensure that your smile heals quickly and effectively. If you are experiencing tooth pain of any kind, we encourage you to call our dental office today to schedule your visit with Dr. Kizer and Dr. Smith. We are committed to finding the solution that is right for your smile!